What is good sleep?

Learn more about the science of sleep, what keeps you up at night, and how sleep-aids can help.


I need help falling asleep

Know the drug-free supplements and medicinal sleep-aids that can help you sleep.


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If you’re waking up at night, we can help you figure out why. And what to do about it.


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If you're tired of waking up tired, read on for tips to getting a better night's sleep.

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stressed woman at work

Ways To Manage Stress for a Better Sleep

Managing daily stress is essential to getting good sleep. Discover how stress affects sleep in this guide, along with stress management tips.

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a jet lag man on a flight

Ways To Tackle Jet Lag and Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time and jet lag can affect your sleep quality. Discover how to prepare with the right sleep tips and Unisom Simple Slumbers.

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Woman enjoying restful sleep

What Happens to Your Mind & Body While You Sleep?

What happens when you sleep is pretty amazing. Discover what happens to your body and mind when you sleep—and why sleep is so important.

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a woman sleeping in a bubble bath

What Is Good Sleep Hygiene?

Good sleep hygiene is key to getting a better night’s sleep. Learn how to practice good sleep hygiene with these effective sleep hygiene tips.

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What is good sleep?

A good night’s sleep can make you feel great.

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unisom simple slumbers, melatonin 21 strips

What Is Melatonin & How Does It Affect Sleep?

Melatonin is known as the “sleep hormone.” Learn about melatonin’s role in your sleep cycle and how to decide if melatonin supplements are right for you.

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Man who has woken up in the middle of the night

What To Do When You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night (& What To Avoid)

Trying to fall back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night can be frustrating. Read our top tips to fall back asleep and what to avoid.

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a woman sleeping alongside an alarm clock

What’s the Ideal Sleep Schedule for Optimal Health?

Learn the ideal sleep schedule, recommended hours of sleep, and how to achieve a healthy body and restful sleep in this guide to better slumber.

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Selection of Unisom Products for healthy sleep

Which Unisom Product Is Right for You & When

Not sure which Unisom product is right for you? Learn more about our sleep products, including Unisom Simple Slumbers, SleepGels, and SleepMelts.

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Man with insomnia struggling to fall asleep

Why Can't I Fall Asleep?

If you have difficulty falling asleep, discover the difference between short-term sleep issues and common causes of insomnia. Plus, useful tips to fall asleep.

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a woman lies in bed with her hands over her face

Why You Can’t Sleep When You’re Overtired

Good sleep is fundamental to good health. Learn how being overtired can affect not only your daily activities but your ability to fall asleep at night.

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a woman sleeping peacefully at night

Yes, There Are Non-Habit-Forming Sleep-Aids

Learn all about sleep-aids and what to look for on the label to help you choose the right non-habit-forming sleep-aid for a better night’s rest.

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