The Unfolding
of Unisom

Tracing the steps of Unisom: Devoted to granting quality sleep, one night at a time.

In a world where 77% struggle with sleep*, count on Unisom.

*Ipsos Brand Health Tracker 2023

Our Triumphs

A mature man, looking very relaxed, sleeping in bed.

Top Recommended Brand

The #1 doctor and #1 pharmacist recommended OTC sleep-aid brand.

Relaxed young man sleeping on the pillow, on his back, in a white bedroom.

Speedy Slumber Onset

Trust Unisom to help you fall asleep faster.

Smiling brunette girl in sportswear making a plank in front of laptop in her living room.

Quality Sleep, Quality Life

Wake up less, feel refreshed.

Sleep Cycle Heroes

Unisom serves millions seeking better sleep. As a Certified B Corp, we are committed to enhancing the healthier future, fostering self-care through our offerings, and making a positive impact on humanity and our planet.

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