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Track Your Sleep

Keep Up With Your Sleep

Are you a problem sleeper? You’re not the only one.
Get the facts and then get a restful night’s sleep. You deserve it.

By keeping track of your daily activities and sleep patterns, you may be able to determine what’s preventing you from getting a restful night’s sleep.1

There are several ways to keep a sleep diary, ranging from apps and sleep trackers to a pen and paper. The most important thing is to keep an accurate record to understand what’s keeping you up at night. If occasional sleeplessness becomes a more serious problem, your doctor can use your sleep diary to help in the diagnosis and treatment.

What Should You Put In A Sleep Diary?

  • Record the time you go to bed and wake up
  • Rate how well you slept/sleep quality
  • Specify when you were awake during the night
  • Note caffeine or alcohol consumption and at what time
  • Write down what/when you ate and drank before bed
  • Rank daily stress level from high to low
  • Note any drugs or medications you took that day1

Start Tracking Your Sleep Tonight

Download and print out our handy Unisom Sleep Diary.




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